Attack on Low Income Parents by Top Democrat Legislators in 2013

The average child support order in the state is around $200/month.  Yet, there are many parents with lower child support orders due to their low income levels.  The mandatory minimum child support order is $100/month.

Yet that did not stop certain top legislators, specifically Senator Peterson, Senator Morrell, and Representative Brossett from seeking to further penalize low income parents.

They sought, through SB249, to add yet another fee, a $50 fee, onto the backs of these low income parents.  A fee that if it had been implemented, would have further reduced income to the child.

7  §18. Fee for past due child support
8  A.(1) A district attorney may assess and collect a fifty dollar fee from an
9        obligor in arrears on child support obligations when pursuing collection of such
10       arreages on behalf of an obligee or the department.1

The money would have been put into the district attorney ‘special’ fund.

11   (2) Any fees collected by a district attorney pursuant to this Section shall
12       be deposited in a special fund with his office and shall be expended on programs
13       in the judicial district directed at eliminating domestic violence and addressing
14       the needs of the individuals affected by domestic violence.2

Fortunately, the bill did not go anywhere in the Senate.

For some strange reason, the bill was initially filed with the Senate Committee on Finance instead of the customary committee for hearing child support issues.  Then the bill was withdrawn from the Committee on May 15th and withdrawn from the files of the Senate.

link Date    Chamber Page Action sort history by ascending dates
05/15 S 20   Read by title; withdrawn from the files of the Senate.
05/15 S 20   Rules suspended. Recalled from Committee.
04/18 S 2   Read second time by title and referred to the Committee on Finance.
04/17 S 14   Rules suspended. Introduced in the Senate. Read by title and placed on the Calendar for a second reading.

I do not know who we should thank for having pulled this horrible legislation because the record is not clear as to who got it pulled.a b

But to whomever got this pulled, on behalf of all low income parents, thank you very much.

Boos go out to:
Senator Peterson.

Senator Karen Carter Peterson

Senator Morrell  

Senator Jean-Paul J. Morrell

and Representative Jared Brossett.

Representative's Picture (Click to Enlarge)


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