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LaDads has scanned in all the State reports on Child Support since 2000.  Federal law requires Louisiana to review and update the child support laws every four years. Here are the States reports.


A fairly slim report.  The DSS/DA team did a very poor job on the report in 2008.  Nevertheless, it is the final report issued.

2008 Review of Child Support Guidelines by DSS/DA


This is the second most useful report – once again written by DSS Lisa Woodruff-White.  There are actually two reports in this review.  The second report was done on the problems experienced by Low Income Fathers.  The legislature once again ignored most of the recommendations in this report.

2004 Child Support Review


The State legislature was not happy with the reforms proposed by both the economists and the DSS/DA review team.  They established a ‘Task Force’ to take the reports and summarize them into recommendations.  That task force was brutal in pretending to agree with the 2000 report while at the same time gutting their recommendations.

Why Brutal – check out the minutes for the Multi-Family cases.  The committee was aware that child support orders could take a persons entire income and simply didn’t care.

The task force, led by then LSU Family Law professor Spaht simply did not even care to adequately hide their twisting of the recommendations.

2001 Report of the Task Force


The best Child Support Report/Review on file.  This exhaustive report done by then DSS Lisa Woodruff-White covers the child support issue in excellent detail.  The report was split into two reports due to its size.

The A report covers the DSS/DA report and support detail.

If the recommendations of this child support review had been implemented, many of the current complaints about the child support system would have been eliminated.

2000 Review of Child Support Guidelines A

The B part of the report covers the report by the economists hired by the State – Policy Studies Inc (PSI) – Jane Venohr, Ph.D.

2000 Review of Child Support Guidelines B